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Dating Methods

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    No, I'm not talking about courting strategies , I'm talking about the methods by which geologists date rocks and paleontologists date fossils.

    First off, I'd like to know what the different methods are.

    But, more importantly, I'd like to know how accurate they are...what is the margin of error on each method? Which is the most accurate method? Which is the least accurate?

    Any info on this is appreciated.

    P.S. if this belongs in some other forum, please move it, it just seemed to fit here.
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    I'd like to do something now that I very rarely do. I'm going to combine another thread on this forum (entitled "Water Canopy") with this one, and add the question: What effect would a large Canopy of water have on the dating methods? What effect would a global flood have? Would not the sedimentary strata be "mixed up" a bit? Would not the radiometric dating be a bit confused by the lesser amounts of cosmic rays reaching the surface, due to the Canopy?

    Note: These particular questions are not my own. A good friend of mine (creationist, unfortunately) wishes for an answer, but doesn't wish to become a member (yet?).

    So, any answers to these questions are doubly appreciated :smile:.
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    Thanks, Ambitwistor! :smile:

    Good sites.
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