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David MTL

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    I'm looking for some helpful knowledge and help with a new project. Found this forum while googling along for energy and power formulas, read a bit and saw some great contributions, so I signed up. Be ready, I'm gonna give your brains some workout over the next months :)

    A bit about me :

    I'm a 1992-born young man living in Montreal, French is my first language, I'm very handy and mechanically inclined, I love to build and make custom work pieces, I had advanced math/science program in high school, did 4 years in college in graphic design and just finished an 1 800 hours degree at trade school in Electricity (industrial and construction). I've been working in different fields, mostly mechanics and computers, I've been a pro bicycle mechanic for 4 years and freelance graphic designer for 5 years, plus being raised as a computer tech by my dad and handyman too. Since a few months, I've been hired by a guy a met a few years ago who just started a new business this summer. It's a party bike (google) they imported from China to test out the local prospects for this type of tourist attraction and they did great over the summer, so I'll be building them a second bike this winter and probably gonna end up working for them for the next season too.

    See you around !
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    Welcome to the PF! :smile:

    Enjoy all of the forums here -- there is a wide selection to visit and post in.
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