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Dc-ac inverter

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    Am trying to make dc/ac inverter with pure sine wave output, while am searching i found an IC which is SG3524 which can generate a pwm signal.
    Is it a good choice for pure sine wave output, and what is the difference between the pwm signal generated by micro controller and the pwm generated by this IC in the inverter?
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    PWM != Sine

    The chip you reference is made for DC->DC switching power supplies. It contains all the bits to compare the output voltage with a reference and adjust its PWM output appropriately. The oscillator is probably meant to run at a much higher frequency than typical 50-60Hz power. It has only a pulse output which would need a lot of filtering to extract a decent sine wave.

    What you probably need is a simple sine oscillator and a big audio amplifier. The exact design will depend on exactly how pure a sine you need at your output, if the frequency needs to be variable, and how much power you want to draw. The main problem, if you want any significant power, is that the output section will most likely have to be analog. This means that the transistors, or whatever you use, have to dissipate significant power when they are not fully ON -- think of them as continuously variable resistors.
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