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DC Cable Loss

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    I'm doing the solar system design now .

    so far seem like everything is on track,
    but now i face a problem on the DC cable loss.

    is that has any formula to calculate the dc cable loss,
    i has using this formula is
    (losses of the cable (Ω/km)x length X current produce by the solar panel (A))

    Pls help me to clarify this .

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    maybe take this to the Electrical Engineering forum.

    DC cable loss depends on what the cable is made out of (copper, i hope) which determines the "conductivity" and its cross section area and length.
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    P = I^2 R
    You need to square the current in your equation above to get the power lost. Your equation will give you the voltage drop in the cable, since V = I R
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    First find out what your wire gauge is (AWG).
    There are a bunch of wire resistance calculators online. Search for AWG+resistance+calculator. Use at least two of them and make sure you get same answer.
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