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DC-DC conversion from ca. 10V to 1000V

  1. Jul 7, 2004 #1
    Hello All,

    For doing electrostatic clamping I need a high voltage. My source delivers 12V DC but I need 1000V. How to do this :confused: ?

    I know about Boost Converters but all information I find goes up to 400V maximum. Are there special things to take into account when going up to 1000V?

    Thanks in advance, Ciao.
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    The boost converter concept is right on... or a buck.... either way, you're probably going to need a transformer to step up the voltage first.

    A 1:1000 transformer/transformer cascade (in a buck configuration) would give you 12000V, then your duty cycle would be in a reasonable range (about 83%). Dbuck = Vout/Vsecondary

    ..or a 1:100 transformer/transformer cascade (in a boost configuration) would give you 1200V, so D=88%. Dboost=1-Vsecondary/Vout

    Try IXYS for your rectifiers; they have a pretty good selection of mid/high power applications like yours. As for transformers... ther are many vendors, and if you don't find what you are after, there are houses out there that will custom build one for you.

    A lot will depend on the current needs of the intended load and the current limitations of your 12V supply.
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    Just get a 120v-12v power transformer.

    Wire a mechanical doorbell buzzer in series with the low-voltage winding.

    Hook up THREE 1kv diodes in series on the secondary winding so that ONLY BACK-EMF can pass. Charge your capacitor with that output.

    You'll get your 1000v with no other parts being needed.

    I have one of these wired together and long-since misplaced somewhere in the shop.
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