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Dc generator

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    I have created blueprint for a DC generator.THEORITICALLY it is 100% power efficient,it involves no AC in PRODUCTION,i need to know whether AC devices we work daily cope up with dc power or not?
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    100% efficiency? Practically? That sounds too good to be true.
    Nevertheless, AC devices will definitely not work with DC current, the whole point of being designed for AC is lost. Most devices use AC either to be more efficient, or simply because their function demands so. It is highly unlikely that they would function the same on DC.
    At least thats what I think. I could be wrong, of course.
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    Ok, I'll bite. How exactly do you measure the efficiency of a "blueprint"?
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    1: there is nothing practically 100% power efficient. BTW what is principle of operation?
    2: devices that would work on DC
    *universal motors used in mixer grinders, drilling machines, etc(series motors with brushes)
    *filament lamps
    3. devices that would not work on DC:
    *induction motors
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    You cloud use an inverter to transform dc voltage/current to ac.
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    extremely sorry ,it is THEORITICALLY 100% efficient,
    ih,ve said it as PRACTICALLY,the principle i used is MOTIONAL EMF
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    it is theoritically 100% efficient not practically,there may be some power loss due to friction,etc
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    I seriously doubt that you would have the knowledge to build a very efficient dc motor without knowing the difference between AC and DC devices.
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    What is "Motional EMF", please?
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    PRACTICALLY in telecommunication field, DC-Generator can reduce fuel consumption till 70%, reduce maintenance from monthly maintenance to become every six month.
    No need rectifier
    No need transfer switch
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