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DC Motor analysis confusion

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    Im working on a model in SIMULINK of an electric drivetrain with an automatic transmission.. The overall goal is to develop an algorithm controlling controlling a CVT via factors such as current, angular velocity, etc. This may seem very basic to most of you, but i know that Output torque = torque Produced by engine X Gear Ratio . How would one go about finding the gear ratio, is there anyway to find the amount of torque required for a given situation based on things like current and angular velocity?

    I know how to calculate the torque produced by the motor, but is there anyway to calculate the outside forces acting on the motor in order to determine the gear ratio.
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    I'm a bit confused. What's the purpose of the CVT? To keep the output speed constant, regardless of changes in load? In that case, can you use a control loop to measure the output speed and adjust the gear ratio and motor control?

    How is "outside forces acting on the motor" different from "torque produced by the motor"?
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