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DC motor question

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    Hi all,
    I came across this forum and feel as though someone can point me in the right direction.

    I am looking for a 12v DC motor to power a turntable, I have a speed controller to slow the motor down. I need to know if there is a DC motor available to buy which can't be turned by hand, a sort of a brake mechanism built in and can only move when a current is put through it.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    If you short the two leads of a permanent magnet brush-type dc permanent magnet motor when it is off, it feels like the rotor is in a viscus fluid. Adequately controlling the motor speed with feedback to eliminate wow and flutter for listening to music is very difficult. You might need to have a speed disc permanently mounted on the underside of the platter.
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    thanks for the reply, the turntable i am making is for a motorized satellite dish. I have managed to use a worm drive motor for the forward and backward motion of the dish and I am struggling with the turning of it i.e 360.

    The motors which i am using move when a little force is applied and i would like to stop the movement
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    I suggest you use a geared motor with high torque.
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