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Dc motor

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    when making a dc motor, should my rod be magnetic or not,i tried one w/o it being magnetic and it didn't work. Was wondering if this was the issue.
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    Your rod? A DC motor is made up of a stator, a rotor and a commutator. Which part are you calling the "rod"?

    Welcome to the PF, BTW.
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    Hi 9876098, why don't you post a brief schematic of your motor and then perhaps someone can tell you what is wrong with it.

    BTW. One common newbie mistake when making a simple DC motor (I assume it's a simple demonstration motor with single coil rotor and some form of very simple two segment commutator) is the incorrect alignment of the axis of commutator with the axis of the rotor coil. People often think that the coil should be energized (via the commutator) when it is perpendicular to the magnetic field, but it actually should be in the same plane as the magnetic field at this point.
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