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DC Shunt Universal Motor?

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    We know that Universal Motors have field winding always in series with the Armature.They do not have field in shunt because of shunt fields' inductive reactance & they will produce negligible torque on AC supply.
    Also because of different phase angles of currents in series & shunt path, the 'DC Shunt Universal Motor' may not even have unidirectional torque.(since the field & Armature should be 'in phase' so that torque is unidrectional & having less ripples.)
    So my quuestion is "what if we use a series capacitor having such a value so that both the currents are in phase ? And capacitor also will reduce the impedance of shunt path."
    will this type of configuration be feasible?
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    Can anybody perform simulations/do experiments or help me in the same for above problem?
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