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Dc to sine

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    hello world. i am interested in a simple inverter circuit that would also be easily adjustable, i.e. frequency, amplitude. but i want to build using most general discrete circuit elements. NO integrated circuits NO comparators NO etc... just inductor, capacitor, resistor, DC supply ( any volt any amount of energy ), diode etc.. can you suggest anything. By the way i built that flashing led circuit using 555( not to be used in this circuit :) ), thanks to all who helped ;)
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    Depends on what you want to get.
    If you just want to see a sine wave, then you can put it together from the pieces.

    I.e. make a sine wave generator - a Colpitts oscillator is an easy enough approximation and can be adjustable to any frequency - then connect it's output to a switching pair of transistors to turn the oscillator's signal into AC current.

    Very roughly, it will look like this:

    If you want to power something with the resulting AC or get a precise and tested schematic, then wait for someone else to answer. :)
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    What are you wanting to power with your sine wave?
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