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DDR help

  1. Jan 25, 2013 #1
    I am looking at photos on google for DDR 140 pin and 248 pin DIMMs and they look the same.

    The both have two notches on both the right and left sides and the pins on the bottum have the same notch in the same place I think.

    Am I right?
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    The notch at the bottom is not in the same place. A DDR module won't fit in a DDR2 socket.

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    Thanks you for the help but one thing are DDR3 memory 4 inch Long and DDR 1 and 2 memory are 3 inch Long?
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    When I look at your pictures off DDR memory the Notch on the DDR and DDR2 are in the same place.
    But on Wiki. it says DDR and DDR2 have the Notch in to diferant places.

    is the photos you sent me off a websitye?
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    Look closer at the dashed lines on AlephZero's DDR picture. The notches are not lined up exactly.
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    I see it now thanks but I did go to Wiki. and look to see if I can see how Long in inch DDr 1 and 2 are but can not find it?
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    DDR 1 and DDR 2 have not the same notches, it is up to 2-3 milimetars different.
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