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Ddr-sdram Upgarade Problems

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    DDR-DRAM Upgarade Problems

    I have a Compaq Evo D310 with a motherbord ms -6541 ver 2.1 OS Win98se RAM memory is 128MB (DDR- 266mhz-cl2.5 PC2100u-25330). I wanted to upgrade the RAM to 512mb so I bought two new stick with 256MB of RAM each (DDR -PC2100).I put this two new RAM then my PC can not bootup at all, but when I replace with the old one everything wents fine. I have alredy tried a couple of things this include put one stick of 256MB insted of both 512 and this bootup the machine but stack when loading windows!!! I have change the setting by limit the amount of RAM to 120MB in MSconfig advance settings but still found problems. Disable system rom breakpoint,Disable Virtual HD IRQ, Force compatibility mode disk access all of this still the same thing!!! I have also tried to edit windows/system.ini file by adding the entry to Vcache "Maxfile cache=524288" but still problems. If the idea is to change the OS to win XP its OK but i am afraid if I might facing the same problems.
    Could any one advice of what I can do to upgrade this PC to 512MB? Please this is very argent and i dont know what to do next. I will really apriciate for your good responce as it can help a lot of people who facing the same problems. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
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    Why did you limit the RAM to 120MB? Maybe it has to be more than 512.
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    Thanks For Your Early Responce Ramollari ,yes I Did Limit The Ram To Try To Fix The Problem But It Didn't Work Out. Currenly I Have Set All Configuration To Default. Any Idea? Thanks!
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    Make sure the 2x256K memory is compatible. You did not specify any detail on the upgrade.

    IIRC, one cannot install ECC error check if non-ECC is specificed, and vice versa.
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    Still facing problem with RAM Please HELP!!!!!!!

    I went to compaq website and found all the information regurding specification of the correct RAM to be installed. I bought the correct one and something else change.The machine is boot up fine and it shows that the RAM is upgraded to 256MB correctly, The thing is it fail to load windows and desplay the error Windows protection error Vcache, Unable to initializing device, Please restart your computer. This is happen even in a safe mode. Below is what supporse to be the correct RAM for Compaq D310:
    DDR-SDRAM,168 Pin Unbuffered, PC-1600-200MHZ or PC-2100-266MHZ 2.5v
    CAS Latency 2 or 2.5,Must contain JEDEC and SPD information.
    NOTE: intel 845g chipset does not support ECC memory.

    I still don't know what to do, What if i upgrade it to win XP? will this solve the problem? Some one suggested that i should update BIOS but i am not too good in this, Any help, Idea, Comments will be great upriciate.
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    Try loosening the CAS latency to 2.5 or 3. Make sure the fsb frequency is correct (and you may even want to drop it a little just to test). It doesn't sound like an OS problem, since you're having boot problems - though 98SE probaby won't be able to do much with that much ram.

    It may just be crappy ram - what brand is it or where did you get it? You can probably take it to a computer store and have them slap it into their ram tester for free.
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