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DE Boundary Condition Problem

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    I'm asked to determine if for the solution

    whether a member of the family can be found that satisfies the boundary conditions:
    [tex]y(0)=1[/tex], [tex]y'(\pi)=0[/tex]

    Not quite sure what to do here. The examples in my book give boundary conditions for the same function, not derivatives.

    When I put the first condition into y, I got c1=1, then substituting that result into the derivative condition I found c2=-1. So I found the constants, does this mean that there is a member of the family that can satisfy the boundary condition? For some reason I think there should be a Wronskian involved.
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    Yes, there is a member of the family that satisfies the boundary condition and you found it:
    [tex]y(x)= e^x cos(x)- e^x sin(x)[/tex]
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    Alright, thanks for the help!
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