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De Branges and the Riemann Hypothesis

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    In June of this year the mathematician Louis de Branges published in Internet a proposed "proof" of the Riemann Hypothesis. The page is:

    http://www.math.purdue.edu/~branges/riemannzeta.pdf [Broken]

    Years ago De Branges proved the Bieberbach Conjecture. He has tried several times to proof the RH, always failing. For that reason their peers do not take seriously his last atempt.

    Anyway, maybe someone of you know something more about this?? Maybe the "proof" hanged in the web (128 pages long) has been already discarded, with mathematical reasons? :confused:

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    I think it's been discarded. His most recent release doesn't appear any different than it's last incarnation. His intended approach is also known to be flawed, Conrey & Li showed it won't work on the Zeta function. (their paper lives on ArXiV, "A Note on some positivity conditions related to zeta and L-functions if you're interested)
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