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De Broglie thought experiment

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    Say I was to somehow get in a car and drive at half the speed of light or so... my wave-like nature would show up right? What do you think this would look like from my perspective? from an observers perspective? What does it even mean to acquire a wavelength. What kind of wave do I become, transverse, longitudinal, Schroedinger-esque? Does it happen to my body as a whole, or to my individual particles?
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    If you were driving at half the speed of light ( with respect to the ground ) you would certainly look a bit different to someone standing by the roadside, but you will not 'become a wave'. If we accept wave-particle duality, you are a wave already !

    The wave function that describes particles ( as in quantum mechanics) for your whole self would be a combination of the waves describing your constituent particles and so on.
    This wave probably does not have actual physical existence, because it is in a mathematical space.
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