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De broglie wavelength

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    While deriving De-Broglie wavelength we equate mc^2 to hf and then for electron we change c to v but as far I know mc^2 is rest energy then how could c be converted into v for electron.Shouldnt it have the same rest energy?
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    Hello moatasim23, The De-Broglie wavelength is not determined that way. You should use the electron kinetic energy and the electron mass in order to obtain the speed in the classical way and the momentum.

    In Richard Fitzpatrick quantum mechanics book it's told that a usual value for the electron's wave length is: λe = 1.2 × 10−9 [E(eV)]−1/2m.
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    This gives you the electron's Compton wavelength, λ = ħ/mc.
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    What is the difference between Comptoms and De Broglie Wavelength?
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