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De brolgie and noumenal telecommunications

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    our physics teacher said that de broglie waves was widely used to explain a lot of outstanding phenomena like noumenal telecommunications,even i read by applying the quantum mechanics to the brain matter we can explain thinking and thoughts as resonances in our brain even we can explain feelins like love by applying de broglie theory
    my point is that is this true
    does any one know more about it
    ...me myself see that de broglie waves that our brains emit is obsulete to be responsible for all of that
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    Your physics teacher said ALL this? He/she needs to be reported to the relevant educational authorities.

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    There seem to be three possible reasons why quantum mechanics should be linked with consciousness.

    1) QM is mysterious. Consciousness is mysterious. Therefore they're probably linked

    2) QM seems to be a theory with universal application, and so should be able to explain consciousness

    3) QM seems to require something to collapse the wave-function, and consciousness is a possible candidate.

    I don't find any of them convincing.
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    did u search about the relation between telepathy and de broglie waves before telling this...
    i'm not saying u r wrong i just want u to make sure from what u r saying
    on the other side me my self read a some researches on the net about this subject which made it (for me) a worthy subject to be discussed
    here is one of these sites http://www.johnkharms.com/wave-brain.htm
    any way i respect ur oppinion and maybe i should've discussed this on Metaphysics & Epistemology forum as de brolgie waves were used in this section to give a scientific explanation for such phenomena...
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    This is NOT part of established physics. If this teacher is teaching in a physics class, he/she is severly going WAY beyond what should be within what has been established.

    If you think "telepathy" and other paranormal claims are an accepted scientific phenomena, then may I recommend you read Bob Park's book "Voodoo Science". THEN come tell me that such a thing should be taught in a physics class, of all places.

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    am not saying it is a thing that telepathy is a proofed sientific phenomena
    but i didn't talk about telepathy only-if u read the research in the hyperlink-
    any way i have the right to ask but u r not obliged to answer ant it's not ur right to cheapen my question...cause even einstein was searching about unproofed phenomena like jenny...
    so if u don't like my question don't even answer it
    any way i respect ur opinion
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    Actually, Mish3, I looked at the link, and it is very unscientific. It talks about experiments performed by___ at ____, but doesn't say which experiment or when. Plus, sorting through the spelling and grammatical errors in the text is a nightmare. I'd say stick with sources you can actually trust. This guy seems like a nut who wants to look professional but can't pull it off.

    Besides, if someone wished to say that consciousness was some form of wave, wouldn't you expect to see the equation for it? And the measurements or experiments that support it?

    Don't sell yourself short, Mish3; make people prove it.
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