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DE/dx for a mixture of gases

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    Im trying to figure out how to find the dE/dx for a mixture of gases. I can find how to figure it out for an individual molecule knowing dE/dx for each element, but cant find how to find it for a mixture of two molecules of gases knowing dE/dx for each gas. Is there anywhere I can find the formula or mixing rules for this?
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    dE/dx is density dependent. For a gas mixture with the Dalton law n=n1+n2 the resulting dE/dx wil be sum of "partial" dE/dx, I think.

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    You can add the dE/dx for each partial pressure of gas to get a total dE/dx. Use the Bethe-Bloch formula for MeV per gram/cm^2. See LBL Particle Data Book:
    Section 27.2.6 deals with dE/dx for mixtures and compounds.
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