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DE Identifying/Solving Homo/Bernoullis/Exact/etc

  1. Sep 25, 2004 #1
    Can anyone confirm that I have identified the proper types of Differential Equations and if anyone has the time to write out a decent notation of how to solve the following sampel questions I would appreciate it. We are using the Elementary Differential Equations Eigth Edition book by Boyle and DiPrima which has inconsistant notation.

    a. (dy/dx)+y=y^2(cos(x)-sin(x)) => Bernoulli equation

    b. (((sin(y)*(e^x))+e^(-y))dx-((xe^-y)-((e^x)(cosy))dy=0 => Exact Equation which needs an integrating factor.

    c. (x^2+y^2+x)dx+xydy=0 => Homogeneous equation

    d. (y^2-xy)dx+x^2dy=0 which has an integrating factor of the form u(x,y)=(x^m)(y^n). => I am unsure what type of equation this is.

    If anyone can help please advise. Post or reply to netapparition@yahoo.com
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