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DE solving software

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    Hi guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any software that will solve differential equations, step by step. I'm pretty much looking for an offline version of Wolfram Alpha Pro. Does such a thing exist?

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    Numerically, sure. There are several different numerical methods which can be used for linear and non-linear ODEs. PDEs are a little trickier.

    Symbolically, Mathematica and other computer aided algebra systems (CAS) can probably solve linear ODEs, but non-linear ODEs don't have a comprehensive theory about the existence and uniqueness of solutions, AFAIK.
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    Mathematica will not show step-by-step solutions. Mathematica can be used online to send a query to WolframAlpha, but you are asking for an offline tool that will do what you want and I don't think there is one.
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