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Dead laptop

  1. Jul 11, 2008 #1
    I haven't been around much lately.
    My laptop died and I don't have much time at work to browse here.

    I have a macbook, not pro just reg macbook almost 2 years of age.

    Recently (a few weeks ago now actually) I woke up and my desk had a nice pool of water on it and my laptop was soaked, literally dripping wet, turned up on its side (as if that would solve the problem) still plugged into the wall but most definitely off (not how I left it the night before)

    I let it dry out but.... to no avail it is dead as dead can be

    Any suggestions and or does anyone know the repair cost range?
    there's some point at which i would not spend the repair money and get a whole new one but if its only 200 - 500 maybe I'll just repair it. I am really hoping the hard drive is alright and I can save my data but mostly my Music Collection!!!
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    Check to see if it's still under warranty, also check your local PC repair stores.
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    Most places will charge you at least $500 to repair it, assuming they can get the parts.

    In most of these cases, the only thing that need be done is replace the motherboard. If it is less than a year old, it is under warranty by Apple, and if you tell them that it just "stopped working" and the repair techs cannot find any evidence of water damage, then they have to repair it.

    If it is too big of a job to do yourself, then you might want to just yank out the HDD, see if you can retrieve your data, and then sell it for parts on Ebay (the LCD, keyboard, case, and optical drive are probably working and worth some money).
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