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Homework Help: Dealing with Anomalies

  1. Nov 12, 2005 #1
    I am in the middle of doing coursework, and have already conducted and gathered results for my experiments. I carried out the experiment 3 times, gaining results for all 3 trials. :biggrin: The only problem is, i only got a single anomaly in the 3rd trial. :mad: Im confident in explaining the cause of this, but dont know what to do with the "out of place" result. :surprised
    I intended on averaging the 2 results to give me a fair and stable results table across the board of the 3 trials. In the name of A level coursework, im not sure what the best thing to do with it is. Shall i ignore this figure, and take averages of the other 2 results (in gaining an average for that row in the table)? If not, what is my best option?
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