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Dealing with burnout: should I continue in math?

If you understand mathematics well enough to be able to enjoy it, then what's the point of thinking about your ability anymore?

However, I think the problem is a psychological one. I recommend watching this video :

The main advice is to drop your self image. Stop caring how good or bad you are at mathematics, just enjoy it.
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My advice is to accept you will not solve every last thing, and to learn to talk to people and ask for help.

As you grow older, the reason a question is being asked will make more sense, and your arsenal of attack plans grows.
OP: I'm sorry to hear about your situation, seek professional counseling if it really gets to you. I have gone through similar (but probably milder) downers, namely when I transferred into physics from a different university and degree last year.

I was really behind at first and developed a fairly deep-seated inferiority complex. I progressed very slowly, but -long story short- by the end of the year I pulled through and earned appraisal from teachers and some classmates who initially recommended I should "slow down and retake some courses". The inferiority complex still lingers though.

My enjoyment of the toiling process in the subjects I like is what kept me sane , otherwise I don't think I could've handled all the strain and blows to my intellectual self-esteem I experienced (and continue to experience) while transitioning from moderately clueless to moderately decent.

Moral of the story is: enjoy what you're doing and forget about everything else that troubles you emotionally. And you're getting to do actual publishable research in pure mathematics as an undergrad? I don't know how common that is in the US but afaik, that's literally unheard of in Europe, both in math and the sciences.
Surprised both that this thread got revived and that I stumbled into it after being away from the board for a year or so. Anyway, these sorts of feelings have passed for the most part, mostly due to necessity. I don't really even have any advice for getting over these sorts of problems, I just stuck with math and matured and that was that.

These sorts of threads usually don't have any sort of closure, but I figured, why not buck the trend?

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