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Dear Abby

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    Twice now I've failed to get a job as an engineering technician. After the fact, and in reflection, its become apparent that I've failed to land at least three positions, and sacked from another, not for lack of ability, but because of it. I'm guilty of self education and having had an independent practice without a degree. "Guilt of driving while black, sir." How can I conduct a successful interview?
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    There is not sufficient information given here to provide a truly useful response. For one thing, I'd love to see your reasoning behind your belief that you are being turned down due to your ability. It's unlikely this is actually the case. More likely you have unreasonable expectations about your compensation.
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    and sacked from another, not for lack of ability, but because of it.

    Never in the history of the world has this happened. "I'm sorry, you are just so good at your job that we will have to let you go."

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    Police hiring practices
    Military career selection
    If you're actually overqualified on paper to the point it could impact retention

    Never in the history of the world, wrong. But for a technician job? Um...

    Also, it sounds like the OP has nothing on paper and is sad because the first few positions he's applied to that have some formal qualification as part of the job description haven't immediately chosen him over the portion of the applicant pool that does.
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    That might stop someone from hiring you, but it won't be the reason they'd fire you once hired. Sounds to me like the OP is in denial about what his/her abilities really are.

    The problem could be anything though, and the information provided makes it impossible to help. It could be anything from a lousy resume that doesn't properly reflect the skills the OP has to lacking the proper skills for the job, to simply having a crappy attitude that either comes across on interviews or once hired.
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