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Dear EE'S! I need help - sizing electromagnets

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    Dear EE'S! I need help -- sizing electromagnets

    Is it possibile to built different electromagnet's sizes, that can produce the same magnetic field and forces(e.g attraction/repulsion)?
    If so how can I do that? By following this law: B = unl
    By controlling the number of turns or the amount of current flowing in, I can do that?
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    The reason, is that I'd like to expand the electromagnet's area without changing the magnetic field or the forces that I was able to get from my frist electromagnet X.
    I want to build electromagnet Y that is larger and equally the same as X interms of the magnetic field and forces.

    Since I'm only increasing the physical size of the electromagnet's area/w x h would that require more input?(I have a limited power source!).
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    I would recommend trying out your re-scaling using a simulator. Search for 'vizimag', it's free and relatively easy to use. It will also calculate magnetic forces, which is not a simple problem.
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    Ow I forgot to say!
    That I'm just increasing the area of the core. So the electromagnet would be bigger.
    I guess that the number of turns would decrease, the current would stay the same and its possibile to do?
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    Your question is not clear.
    If you provide more information and maybe some sketches, someone may be able to help you.
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