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Dear friends,

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    I want to characterise a coal char particle of size 6 to 15 mm using XRD. I am aware of powder XRD being done. But I want to subject the sample as it is as a lump particle. Is any such XRD possible. Will the XRD results of lumped sample differ from that of the powder sample? Please explain.

    thanks in advance
    Ruben Sudhakar
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    Hi !
    I think X-ray diffraction results of lumped sample and powder sample are different.

    At first, I know have two forms of sample which prepared to characterize by XRD, are thin film and powder. That means XRD instrument will analysis better for closed packing sample. If your sample include "bulk" powders, it can not reach to closed packing as well as two forms above.

    The second, when you use lumped sample, it means that content is powders. Each powder has specific orientation in sample, and give diffraction beam differently. So, if it can, you still have some errors about peak intensity and may be peak broaden ...

    Some ideas.
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    Thank you very much.
    My lump samples of 6-15mm contain cracks of even 1-2mm here and there throughout the volume of the sample and thus the sample has a wide pore size distribution. I just wanted to know, if there is one such XRD equipment available at all for analysing it as lump sample! Although, 6-15 mm is accommodatable on the sample table of the powder XRD, i do not know whether doing it so would be right with the XRD meant for powder sample!!

    Thanks once again
    Ruben Sudhakar

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