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Dear Nereid and Phobos (seat belt on) can we talk about redshifts?

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    redshift difference theory...

    Assuming that the redshift IS an indicator for distance there could be a possible explanation to the topic.:
    Assuming furthermore the fact that according to Einstein space and time are just two sides of the same medal and using my thinking model ( www.donut-universe.info[/url] ), the two starsystems would bend the “torusskin” differently to the future as shown in the grafic ( [PLAIN]www.donut-universe.info/templates/twinstar.htm [Broken] ).
    Because the light would travel to the viewer from the big star (a) from a point further in future then from the small star (b), the small star would appear to have a bigger redshift. (its light travels from the past). Due to the expansion of the universe, and again according to my model, the viewer AND the bigstar are constatly increasing the spacetime distance which is causing the supposed acceleration of the smallstar(redshift).
    Assuming that the timeline caused by expansion of the torus is linear (onedimesional) but the universe (space) and all inside of it is expanding in space (3 dimensional), this will cause an increasing arch in the torusskin.
    So in this case we can not only think about space but about spacetime.
    The differences in redshift of different twin-systems could be caused by their age.
    Assuming two different twinsystems would have the same mass but a different age, the redshift difference will accordingly be different...
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    Expansion of the universe only occurs at inter-galactic distances. It does not occur between gravitationally bound objects, such as binary star systems or stars within the same galaxy.
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    Ummm... why do we need another thread with the same name? Was this one split off from the other?

    - Warren
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    Yes. I suggested that rob_we's post contained some interesting ideas, worthy of discussion ... here in Theory Development, and the rest of the thread could continue in General Astronomy & Cosmology. SelfAdjoint split the post off (I didn't realise it would have the same name).
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    Chronos, due to my idea it is not "simply not occurring" but not visible because of the "close range" we are in. Remember the experiment (I also mentioned in my theory), about the two clocks that start to differ in time immediately when one clock is put on earth and one to space. Due to the space-time definition this IS the "redshift" just measured differently.
    If the space time difference is now caused by a huge amout of mass-difference and a certain distance to the viewer, the redshift which is increasing on the torusskin that expands, would be definitely visible!
    Its like a baloon-skin that swings while being pumped up (without increasing its skin-stress)! The greater the mass difference the greater the time difference.The longer the wave travels the bigger the shift...
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