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Death and Energy

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    Suppose at the point of death an 'energy' was released from the body. A discrete unit of energy, perhaps part of the collective energy around us, that is released back to the general pool of energy that surrounds us. The same energy of also which all matter is composed.

    There are a lot of what ifs in this statement. However, assuming the above is true:

    How would one image this? What type of 'energy' may be released from the body? Perhaps ideas should not be limited to electromagnetic radiation. However, suggestions of which frequencies of EMR could be considered.

    Are there any devices already in existence that can measure the type of 'energy' you propose? Anything other than EMF meters? (would interested in hearing about different types, settings, and sensitivities of EMF meters.)

    Finally, any informational resources are always appreciated. Has anyone else looked at these types of questions beside MacDougall, Burr?


    Dr. Goodvibes MD
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    There is no "burst" of any detectable energy (i.e. some EM spectrum) upon the death of anything. The process of extracting energy from dead tissues (plant initially) was the great challenge for organized life, and is what we call metabolism.

    As for imagining your scenario, there is no way to imagine a purely fictional notion, so I would say that you can imagine it any way that you want. It has nothing to do with science, or physics, or quantum physics, but you're free to imagine this magical process in terms of quantization. Just, don't kid yourselves or others... what you describe is not real, nor open to physical description.
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    Vanadium 50

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    That's not how science works. In science, the first step is to determine if a phenomenon exists. More details have to wait on this step.

    There is nothing I know of in the peer-reviewed scientific literature that supports your claims, and in any event it is not about quantum mechanics, so I am closing this thread.
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