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Death brings out the irrational in us

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    When someone we love dies, we tend to believe in some sort of after life, or utopia that the person transfers to. At the least, we jsut dont want to think about it, and assume that there is an afterlife, without any reasoning whatsoever.

    Has anyone here ever survived the death of a loved one and stuck to their principles of athiesm completely and 100%?
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    Everytime it happens. I've only gone off course slightly once in the entire time I've been an athiest, and it was for an entire 3 days.
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    Absolutely 100%. I never have any doubts whatsoever. I don't have a closed mind, but the evidence for a God is zero. This doesn't mean that I am against belief per se, but a belief is just that, not a theory that can be proved or disproved.
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    Indeed, some religions espouse the idea of not having an afterlife to be the ultimate reward of life. Hinduism comes to mind. In many such eastern faiths, non-existence is associated with freedom, and release.

    IMHO, that is a more positive attitude towards death, than to buy it off with a continuation into more life.
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