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Biology Debating a career in biology

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    Hey everyone!
    I just started the first year of my undergraduate degree in biology this year. I chose biology because I am scientific by nature, and find the science of life most interesting. I was just wondering if any of you guys could give me any advice on which direction to go with my degree. I have to choose a specialty in the next two years (ie- microbiology, biochemistry, zoology, etc). Is any one area better than another (ie- job prospects, salary). I am still thinking of medical school although i realize that I will need a back-up plan if that did not work. As well i was wondering if it is possible to get a decent job in biochemisty (for example) with just a BSc or if a MSc/PhD is needed. Any of your personal experiences may be helpful!!
    Thanks alot!
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    It all depends on your level of education and the type of job you want to do. The higher your degree is the more likely you will have a good salary but this is not an absolute. The salary will depend if you have a job in the public system or the private system. Some speciality such as zoology does not have the greatest job prospect when you have a BSc. Also if you have a BSc, your will likely do to a technician jobs or to be an office worker. So if you want to do any type of research, you have to consider a MSc and a PhD.

    On a personal note, several of the people during my BSc microbio that graduated with me that went into the job market become either a technician, a sales rep for a pharmaceutical/biotech company and a quality management (QM) person. One of my good friend has been a sale rep for a pharmaceutical company for 2 years and is salary prospect are quite good when compared to mine. I am doing my PhD. However, my salary prospect are better than the technician or the QM person.

    Several person with a MSc that I know are now a research/technical assistant in a research lab. One person with her MSc went into the patent office and is reviewing patents application.

    My best advice is choose the field that you have the largest interrest. It will sucks to have a job in a field that you does not stimulate your interest. If you want to go to med school, it might be good to consider a MSc as your first back up plan. Once you start to work you might find it hard to go back to school and having MSc may improve your odds on that second application for med school.
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