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Debris not from flight 447

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    Whaaaaaat?? So what was the debris from?


    I think conspiracy theorists will have a ball with this one.
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    An interesting quote:

    Funny how people care about such nonsensical things. Why people care about finding the bodies of dead loved ones is beyond me. Either they are at the bottom of an ocean, or at the bottom of a ditch. Either way, there certainly not going to care.
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    Do you have kids? I would guess not.
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    A bit harsh there Cyrus. As much as I do agree with you, finding a body wouldn't make a bit of difference to myself. However, for some people it brings comfort/closure to the events. Makes things seem more real and deffinite (no, I can't think of the right word here).

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    I have to say if there was no doubt they died, a body would be meaningless. It would only be an issue if the person had just "disappeared" and there was no evidence that they were dead.
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    Hmm...I'm going to have to agree with Cyrus here. From personal experience...I had a brother die in an avalanche in New Zealand many years ago. He was part of a 3-man team climbing Mt Cook (also called Aoraki or Aorangi).

    We didn't get his body back at that time, it was buried. But it didn't make a bit of difference to me; I knew he was dead...he was gone, period.

    Funny thing, when his partial remains were found some 15 years later, my family decided to leave them on the mountain. The government of New Zealand objected so we had the remains creamated and (secretly) returned to the mountain. It didn't make a bit of difference, that his remains were found. There was no "closure" feeling for us, we had accepted his death many years earlier.

    Perhaps that's just the unique attitude my family.
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    Yeah there's a point there guys, its just a statistic to us.

    But if the people in the crash were my parents, tbh, I would want to see their body again and I would've been devastated.
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    It just happened to me too. How weird !
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    OMG, lisab, that's terrible.
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    Will dead kids care? Will dead old people care? Will dead pets care? Will dead (fill in the blank) care?

    I'd rather want them to salvage the airplane so that someone else's kids don't die for the same reason.
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    It depends on the family. For some, they just can't process that the person is really dead and let go of the hope that they might instead be crash landed on a deserted island and living out their own version of Gilligan's Island or Lost if they don't find a body...or at least confirm that the plane really wrecked.

    Though, I hope they're carefully examining that NONE of that wreckage is from 447. A mid-air collision with an unregistered flight in an area without radar coverage is certainly more plausible as a reason for a crash than a lightning strike, or it's also possible that dumb luck landed the plane on a boat or ship when it hit the water, and debris are from something struck by the plane in addition to the plane. Otherwise, it seems there are not one, but two incidents to investigate...a bad enough storm to down a jet could have also capsized a boat in the same area (the flash someone else reported could have been a signal flare).
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    Three people agreed with me! I AM GOD!

    Lets give this another shot:

    "I'll pay money for every post Cyrus makes"
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    Seriously !? :bugeye:
    I would definitely prefer to remember them in their alive form.
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    Thanks for derailing my thread Cyrus :biggrin:

    Pretty interesting conversation so I don't mind.

    However, why is nobody wondering what plane the debris they did find were of?

    Aren't signal flares red?
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    God believes in my existence !
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    ...god dammit. I mean, Cyrus dammit.
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    If its another airplane, someone will realize it soon enough when it never lands where it was supposed to. So, whatever it is, its not really a mystery.
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    I would really like for this to deal with aliens. Make it happen Cyrus.
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    http://z.about.com/d/urbanlegends/1/0/U/3/smuggled3.jpg [Broken]

    The airplane was weighed down by all the illegal aliens. You cant fly the airplane by sitting inside the instrument panel, thats just crazy.
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    I don't think so; that wouldn't make a lot of sense, since red is harder to see at a further distance. Signal flares are meant to be very bright and stay lit as long as possible to maximize chances of them being seen. So, something described as an "intense flash" could be describing a signal flare.
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