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Debunk this for me please

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    I was kicking back in bed, reading Alpha & Omega by Charles Seife and I got an idea. He was talking about how people used to believe in the solid state theory of the Universe. I'm a Big Bang believer myself I just want to know how we don't know the following isn't true.
    What if the Universe started out just as big as it is now, but everything in it was bigger. everything was so big that the Universe was packed. Electrons the size of elephants- only bigger. Then everything started shrinking, giving off some sort of radiation(that we mistake as the Cosmic background radiation) and getting smaller. As everything shrunk over billions of years the gaps between galaxies grew bigger and bigger. It would appear that everything around us was flying away. We wouldn't notice the shrinking because our rulers would be shrinking along with us. We still have gravity, so everything holds together. The only thing actually getting bigger would be the spaces inbetween. The only reason things further away seem to be moving faster away from us could be because of the lack of gravity from us. The closer galaxies feel the pull from our galaxy, so while they are shrinking as well and appear to be moving away from us, they appear to not be moving away as fast. It's one explination why everything appears to be moving away from everything else.
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    Did you mean to write steady state?

    I think there is at least one thread already at this Forum on the same idea.
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