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Debunk this ghost photo

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    http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/5265/ghostgirlq.jpg [Broken]

    my friends were still in shock seeing the ghost between them in the photo, can anyone debunk it.. load it at photoshop and see how it gets there. Others in the building claim to see the ghost girl at times with their own eyes.
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    You obviously faked this yourself and are trying to waste people's time.
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    No. They were sent to me by my friends after taking them at the office and they were very scarred. Can one use photoshop to confirm if the image has been overlap or something? I don't know how to use photoshop to check (neither have my friends).
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    If someone overlaps two images.. can one know it at photoshop? They didn't fabricate it.. neither have I. Anyone experienced in detecting fake pics here? How can you do it in photoshop?
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    So the options are

    a) someone used photoshop
    b) the ghost is really there

    You don't need proof of a because b is just blatantly false.
    proof that someone used photoshop is there.
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    I keep asking them about how it was taken. There are more than 10 people in the room. After it is taken. They saw it immediately! so no time to photoshop it or whatever. And the security guard said he sometimes see the girl at night just floating fast.

    We can debunk it by photoshop analysis. How do one analyze such picture? How to tell if images are overlapped? any can share a tip? I haven't analyzed images before and I want to take this opportionity to learn how to analyze photos. Thanks.
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    Thanks. I'll definitely learnt to analyze it using the above software. Now it's 1am in my country and I'm gonna sleep now. Hope others expert in it who has done it can run an initial analysis. Note I didn't fabricate it. I don't have time for fakes and I won't have shared it if it was not taken by my friends.. they are still in shock.
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    According to Ivan and your account it's as if some camera out there has an easter egg in it or something. Very interesting.
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    Ha! That pretty much shows that either the picture is a common one for photoshoppers (perhaps it is in some versions of photoshop) or is inbuilt to the camera.

    Some camera's have the function built in to merge pictures. A few months ago a friend of mine got a snazzy new DSLR, I lived in a place that was supposedly haunted so I decided to have some fun. I got a second friend to take a picture of me standing in the garden, then without moving the camera I readjusted myself so that I was standing just to the side where I was with my hand outstretched to where my neck was and my hood up. Then I merged the two pictures and selected to have the first one 90% prominent. The result was that in the time my friend whose camera it was had gone to the loo and back I had a picture on her camera of me being strangled by a ghostly figure!
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    Nicely done. I remember this one from way back then. That one was very easily debunked. The Photoshopping was quite badly done. In this post, I draw attention to the specifics of how it is definitely a cropped, superimposed image.

    Since these are the same source "ghost", and we know that that one was definitely PhotoShopped, that means this one was too.

    stglyde, your best argument for debunking this to your friends is to show them the earlier one turned up by DavidSnider, and then analyze that one since the Photoshopping is far more obvious.

    Case closed.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Good eye! I recognized that ghost and wondered if anyone else would.

    Someone should be able to find the original photo of the girl. Obviously independent photo manipulators are finding it.
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    It was taken by a cellphone. I'd ask them the exact model. Are you guys saying it's caused by some kind of software inside the camera that put the extra image? But how come the rest of the pictures taken by the cellphone shows no such apparition?

    Has anyone tried using photoshop to analyze it? Please try to because honestly I feel a bit chill or nervous zooming into the girl. If someone can do it using software to tell if it's fake or not. I'd great appreciate it.

    Also are there photos that can't be distinguished from real and fake?

    Again, my friends didn't photoshop it as there were more than 10 people at the time it was taken and they saw it immediately. If it's some kind of software. How come other pictures don't show the girl.. and how come the security guard saw the girl live at many instance after dark.

    To emphasize, I want the photo analyzed and debunked. If we can't do it. What other groups can do it?
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    It's been debunked, see the same "ghost" in post #8.
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