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Debunking Alien Captured On Video

  1. Apr 9, 2007 #1
    Below is a link to a video of a group of boys playing soccer in an alley in Mexico. At 0:29 an alien figure reaches for a boy. The quality of the video is not that great. It was recorded using a cell phone.

    The boys are speaking in spanish. I speak spanish so I can translate: The boy after being
    grabed says: algo me toco atras de el posta! (something behind the light pole touched me!) no dejas de grabar (dont stop recording!). Then after the alien is seen a second time the boys are freightened and one of them says Ve lo way! (Look at him!) while the other boy says No Mames! (sorry, I cant translate this, its a curse word) and Vamonos, Vamonos! (Lets go, Lets go!)

    Does this video have any clues as to being fake?


    I found this other video where the boys where interviewed, and the audience is shown the alley where the incident occured. What I found interesting, is that one of the men investigating, was able to hide behind the light post, and that the arm of the "alien" was believed to be over a meter in order for it to be able to grab the boy on the sidewalk. I know of no human that is close to the height of the boy, that has an arm the length of a meter or more. There are genetic defects that result in a human having long limbs, but these humans are also very tall. Below is a link to the video I am refering to. At 3:12 the alley is shown during the day, and a man is able to hide behind the post. The boy in the Vans shirt, was the boy who was grabed.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Does it have any clues to being fake? The question is: Is there any reason to believe that it's real? There is nothing compelling here.

    When you see something like this, one question to be asked is: How hard would this be to fake? In this case it would appear that twelve year olds with a cell camera and mask could pull this off.
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    Smells like a hoax to me.
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    Is there any reason to believe any ufo video is real? To believe that any video is authentic requires further inspection. When I first saw this video, my first impression was that it was a fake. But after watching the second video I provided a link for, I found this video worthy of discussion.There are several reasons I found this video interesting.

    For one Jaime Massuan, a famous and very well respected Ufologist took the time to investigate this incident. Jaime Massuan has been in several ufo documentarys, and hes been used by the mexican airforce to investigate some ufo sighting.

    Here is a link to a history channel documentary that Jaime Massuan was in.

    One fact the Jaime Massuan points out is that what ever was behind the light post, had to have an arm length of over a meter (39 inches) to grab the boy. I am 6 foot 2 and my arm length is 28 inches. Whatever was behind the post was the same height as the boy that was grabed. This is highly unusual. Now the qeustion that I ask to you all is; how easy is it to fake this?

    Something else that stands out in this video, is that the boys seem to be genuinely terrified of whatever it is they saw that night. If these boys faked this video, they are very good actors.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Sure, for example there is a Long Beach Police Dept. video linked in the unusual videos thread. I have high confidence that this is a genuine video. Under certain conditions, such as when we have many or unusually realiable witnesses to corroborate the video, we can have a reasonable degree of confidence in its authenticity. But your point is mostly valid. With the advent of digital technologies, it may not be possible to validate [to reasonable certainty] any video by analysis any longer.

    Something like this is just far too dicey for me to even consider. If I'm going to get excited about an ET on video, it is going to require a lot more than uncorroborated fuzzy images and a couple of kids.

    Oh yes, and if you watch the video, the kid wasn't grabbed, at most he was touched, if that. It looks like the person behind the pole just reached out towards the kid but didn't touch him.
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    I'm confused. Is there any reason whatsoever to think that this is some extraterrestrial encounter?

    OK, let's grant that the boy saw something that did not look like a human. Perhaps it was an animal. Perhaps any numberof things. But why an alien?
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    In my opinion, that alien doesn't debunk very well.
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    Ivan if you watch the video closely as the boy is walking along the edge of the sidewalk to get the ball, right after the arm reaches out he takes a side step into the grass. Also on the second video that I provided a link to in my first post; at 1:40 you can see cleary that the boy is being grabbed. When the boy was qeustioned about the incident, he said that what ever grabbed him wanted to pull him.
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    I don't know what it was. But whatever it was, seemed to be alien (strange,outsider) to those boys.


    I do know that a bipedal humanoid with an arm length of over a meter, is highly unusual.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    This is silly. No one should ever leap to such dramatic conclusions based on such flimsy evidence.
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