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spooky action at a distance.

what is it?

what were the experiements involved?

can they be debunked?

briefs preferred to links to long-winded articles.
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I assume you're refering to the psychic form, not quantum entanglement? (If the former exists, they might be related.) As to the psychic form, I don't think it can be proven either way because I've seen a study (on Discovery) about two independent researchers who did the same psychic experiment but wanting to find different results. And that's what they got. As to the reasons why, one could go on and on about it, esp. given I don't remember the circumstances, so must of it would be speculation anyway. Also, the fact that it is inconsistent in nature and they are always using many people (for stats) really dilutes anything that might be there.
i didn't know it also refered to paranormal events. i was interested in the realm of the small.


Mmmglavin! (Frink Noise)
Oh. Yes, some theorize that it can explain psychic phenomena. However, in this case, I think this doesn't exactly belong here (it is alittle hard to say though, you will undoubtably be told by someone that it is true, so shut up, in the actual physics forums). I have to say I'd agree, since it has been experimentally proven. But do you have a theory as to why it seems that way, but in fact there is no such infomation travel at superluminal speeds?
the hologramic theory of the universe might clear up some problems in nonlocality. [Broken]

so i guess i want to know if the experiments behind SAAAD can be debunked or if this article can be debunked. i know it's not super hard core scientific. if SAAAD doesn't exist, there may not be much need for a hologramic theory.
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It's already in the name....sad, very very SAAAD


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Originally posted by phoenixthoth
spooky action at a distance.
I'm not sure what you're talking about. There really can't be any action at a distance. There is always something carrying a signal or force between any two things that affect each other.

If I wave a flag for you to start your car, the distance between us has been physically traversed by light waves.


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It's my understanding that 'spooky action at a distance' works something like this:

I have a box with a pair of shoes, and I separate them, and put each in a seperate box without knowing which is which.

The two boxes are transported to the far ends of the earth, where lo, and behold, one of the shoes turns out to be a left shoe, and the other turns out to be a right shoe.

Now, let's take a look at a pair of electrons that are 'linked'. That means that their net spin is zero in any direction - or that the two electrons have opposite spin.

Because spin is a vector (like angular momentum) it has a direction. Clearly in order to cancel, the spin of the electrons must be in opposite directions.
Because it is quantum, measuring the spin of an electron in a particular orientaion will either give you a measurement of 1 or 0, even if you pick a particular direction that you measure in.

So, if you have two electrons that have collided, and then seperated, and run them through parralel spin detecors in matched pairs, the total spin will add to zero.

The trick is that this holds regardless of the orientation of the spin detector, and that there appears to be some sort of synchronization between the two electrons despite the fact that they are separated.

This appears to violate the relativistic notion that information cannot travel faster than the speed of light because the electrons can be seperated, but do not 'know' in which orientation the spin will be measured.

Because the local measurement will always be random, there is no way to communicate using spooky action at a distance, and SR communication speed limits are preserved.
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Mmmglavin! (Frink Noise)
So it's of no significance because it is of no practical use?


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Well, it probably has little technological significance, but it has vast theoretical significance in the field of QM.

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