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Debye Equation Parameters

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    I need to calculate the parameters of the following equation:

    S = (a + ((b-a)/(1+((2*pi*x)^2*c^2))))

    I have the measured data of S and need the parameters a,b and c to get a curve fit in the software for analysis.

    If someone can help me in this regard or suggest any software that can perform this thing for me?

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    Matlab could do it, but it's not free; SciLab is a pretty good clone of Matlab, and it's available for all major platforms.

    However, if you're asking which software could do this kind of numerical analysis, then I assume that you are not familiar with either of the products that I've mentioned; I must warn you that Matlab might not be the easiest software to understand immediately (although it is incredibly powerful), and SciLab really doesn't have a graphical interface to speak of, besides that of drawing plots and graphs (i.e. no 'point-and-click') interface.

    I'm certain there are other products that do similar things, but I'm not sure which one would be the most useful for you, given your probable lack of experience utilizing numerical analysis software.
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