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Debye Huckle Rule

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    Dear Fellows,
    In Debye Huckle Rule, how does Relaxation effect occurs in the presence of electric field.Logically it is not possible in the presence of electric field.Please help me out.

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    Plz Plz Plz Reply this question i m an urgent need for this explanation.PLZZZ help out..
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    I fear I don't quite understand your question. Relaxation of what?
    Maybe you can extend the description of what exactly you are interested in?

    Btw, the second guy is called "Hückel", not Huckle.
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    Sorry for Huckel:-) relaxation effect of the molecules in the electrolyte when the electric field is applied..??
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    OK, you mean reshaping of the ionic cloud after the "central" ion moved.

    Why would the electric field stop the process? It can shift the equilibrium positions of ions, but it won't stop the relaxation.
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