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Homework Help: Debye temperature

  1. Oct 16, 2014 #1
    If the young's modulus(E), poisson's ratio(v) and density(rho) of gallium arsenide is given how to find its debye temperature


    Debye temp = (h/k)*(9N/4*3.14*V)^(1÷3)*(2/ut^3+1/ul^3)^(-1/3)

    Using E and rho i found out the c11 and c12 and then found out bulk modulus(G) and shear modulus(K) and then the longitudinal velocity(ul) and transverse velocity(ut).. using all these data my value of debye temperature came upto 295K but the actual value should be 360K
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    c11 and c12 are found using E and v.
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