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Decapitated head can still be alive up to 10 seconds

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    In this article it states that, a decapitated head can still be alive up to 10
    seconds from removal from the body, and in some cases the practice was
    stoped on humane reasons, and that animal heads have been transplanted, the
    article is from wiki so i guess it is well researched, in the light of this could a
    human head be kept alive in the future ?

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    The head could be kept alive, if and only if the brain function is stopped by sedation and bringing the temperature to about 35-40°F (1.7-4.4°C) but perhaps higher. This technique is used when someone must be put in 'suspension' for about 1 hour in order to replace whole or part of the aortic arch.
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    Possible, but in that case the body unit is still essentially intact (other than the thoracotomy) and don't they continue to perfuse with a heart/lung bypass? If decapitation has occurred we do not have the skill/techniques to re-connect all the nerves/vessels.
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