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Decay amplitude of B mesons:

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    This question is mostly about how to interpret notation used in Particle Physics. At lowest order the rate of [itex]b\rightarrow s\gamma[/itex] is proportional to

    [itex]\langle B_p|b^\dagger b|B_p\rangle[/itex] where p is either u or d labels and b, b+ are creation annhilation operators. However, I am unable to understand this notation. For some initial state transforming to a final state isn't the amplitude given by [itex]\langle \mbox{final}|\hat{O}|\mbox{initial}\rangle[/itex]. Shouldn't the amplitude be in this case [itex]\langle s\gamma|b^\dagger b|b\rangle[/itex] or something?

    So what does the provided matrix element mean, exactly?
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    Where did you read this? It may be understandable if given the context, like how these variables are defined.
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