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Deceleration of a car

  1. Sep 21, 2006 #1
    The driver of an automobile traveling at 80 km/h suddenly slams on the brakes and stops in 2.8 s. What is the average deceleration during braking

    Velocity of driver=(80 km/h)(1 h/3600 s)(1000 m/1 km)=22.22 m/s

    average acceleration=change of velocity/time elapsed
    Acceleration = final velocity - initital velocity / time
    Acceleration=(0 - 22.22 m/s)/2.8 s=-7.94 m/s/s

    Average deceleration= 7.94 m/s/s

    Just double checking
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    You got that one right.
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    Thank you. Just trying to make sure everything was setup correctly
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