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December Staff Changes

  1. Dec 15, 2014 #1
    The coming of a new year brings a change in the Mentor group. @Redbelly98 who has been with us for a fantastic 5 years is retiring. Redbelly has been a true pleasure to have on staff these past several years. Always in a good mood and ready to help. We'll miss his woodpecker avatar around the forums, but he's assured us his return later in 2015. We look forward to that. Thanks Redbelly!

    Coming in "so fresh and so clean" is @jedishrfu! jedishrfu over the past few years has shown a great dedication to the community. We're very pleased to have him become part of our team to strengthen Physics Forums!
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    jedishrfu; "Will we limit OmCheeto humor?"

    All praise, the new jedi master, shiferdoodle, shifferoo, sherpafoo, google google google, martial arts teacher.

    And my thanks to Redbelly98, for posting, what I consider to be, one of the greatest responses, in my brief history, at PF.
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    Jedishrfu seems to be an outstanding person, very friendly indeed. I really enjoy reading his posts.. Hopefully his mentor duties won't get in the way of his great posts!
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    Hey, it's been a privilege to be a Mentor here for 5 years, and real fun being a member as well.

    Welcome jedishrfu!

    :oldconfused: Might you be referring to the time I posted a verse of Sam Gamgee's "The Stone Troll" just before locking a thread?
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    I already miss your Christmas avatar. :oldcry:
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    Nope. That thread appears to have been very short lived, and I have no recollection of it. Though I can imagine I posted something that you would have deleted, and given me an infraction for. It was a Monday, and I was always a bit cranky on Mondays.

    The post I was referring to, had you confirming, that I was not crazy. I really appreciated that.
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