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Decided to take master and oversea

  1. Mar 4, 2012 #1
    folks ,i am a Malaysian,graduate from A-level.currently studying bachelor of physic and plan to have oversea after finishing my degree program. are there somebody have this kind of experience in searching university at foreign country ??pls share yours perception and advise to me if can,because i am lingering with this.is this possible to have financial aids if my result is excellent?frankly,i have the conscious that when i took physic courses in Malaysia ,the number of merit for me is less and some other even laughing at me and amuse from this ,they define physic degree as a funny degree in Malaysia.oh man...such a tragic case...if not due to financial problem i assure that i must go oversea to having my physic courses outside of Malaysia.but i convince myself to take degree in Malaysia 1st ,then only i consider to oversea to take my Master of physic from there.
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