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Deciding Biotech or Biophysics

  1. Apr 13, 2012 #1
    I was stuck on majoring in bio-tech to later become a dentist when i start college here in Georgia at KSU but now i may be going to california next year and am thinking about going to ucla and they offer only biophysics and now im having a hard time deciding which i would rather major in. A science teacher told to take bio tech because of the job market in that field but my first semester hs physic teacher told me i should take biophysics but i don't know how the job market is how people with biophysics degrees. please give me some info on these fields and the job market as well as some use full information. thank you
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    I dont see the problem. Biophysicists get jobs in biotech and I would suspect they would have a better chance than a biotech major due o all the open areas of research where good working knowledge of math and physics would really help. I see a confluence of biotech, physics and nanotech coming.
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    I just dont want to major in something that i wont like once im taking classes. From what i hear there is more opportunities in biotech and it would be a better major for dental school.
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    Dental schools, much like medical schools don't care what you majored it. They care that you've completed the prerequisit courses, completed the DAT, and a few other hoops, but your actual major won't matter.

    Much of this decision will come down to what you prefer studying and you don't really need to make that decision before you enter university. Take a broad set of first year classes that will allow you to continue on into either program and make the decision at the end of your first year.
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