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Deciding First Author

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    Hello all,

    I am an undergraduate studying physics and have recently began working with a professor on two papers we hope to publish. He has said he would "be happy to make [me] first author on both". I am very new to the social dynamics of how student/professor/professional academia should work. When I read this my eyes goggled, I feel like this is an incredible offer for him to make. The purpose of this post is to ask:

    Should I "thankfully decline", i.e. am I expected to appreciate the offer but say it would be best for him to be first author.
    If I say I would very much enjoy to be denoted first author how do I express gratitude; a simple thank you or more appreciative such as"thank you for the honor."
    Lastly, is this not actually that large of a deal, but rather a simple formality I don't yet know.

    Thank you for any input you are able to give
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    Don't make a big deal out of it. Your advisor/professor gets to decide who is first, and who gets included in the paper. Just be grateful, and produce good work. Let everything else take care of itself.

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    It might be one of those double-edged swords. It likely means that you'll get to do the majority of the work.
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    I sent him an email giving thanks, implying I am happy and grateful to be first author. Luckily I would enjoy doing most of the work :)
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