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Deciding my goal

  1. Jun 17, 2015 #1
    Hi everyone,
    Ive loved physics since high school and never viewed it from the point of a subject to study,but rather like a hobby. However, now after high school, i need to plan out my career and set a specific goal of where I want to see myself after 10 years down the line. Im from India, and doing a B.Sc. Honours in Physics wont fetch me a professional job,which is what I want instead of researching or teaching in physics. Thus, i had been advised to study a CS degree or any other technical degree to enter the technical sector. I like computers and programming and software stuff,but isnt there any professional and/or technical job in physics because I wanted to work under this field (im not talking about research).
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    Generally speaking, the professional application of physics to solve real-world problems is the domain of engineering. If a profession is your main goal, that's probably the best field to start in. And of course there are hybrid areas, like engineering physics that you could look into.

    Other branches of physics that have a professional component are medical physics and geophysics. You could also look up ZapperZ's thread on accelerator physics.
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