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Deciding on a bachelors degree

  1. Dec 16, 2005 #1
    After taking some courses in math and physics through my work I have become very interested in getting a degree in physics. Problem is I can’t commit to traditional classes at a university because of my work schedule. I am looking at distance learning as a possibility and need to know which one would be best (if any) for continuing on for a post grad degree in physics. These are the degrees I am considering

    A BS of Interdisciplinary Studies, concentration on math/physics from Ellis College N.Y
    A BS Computer science
    Or BS Software engineering

    Any help or advice would be great thanks.
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    depends on if your looking to study for leisure or to use it in your job?
    If your looking at dist learning over a couple of years....maybe look into
    phys/math and compsci.
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