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Decision making, after graduating. PHY, MAT, and MET.

  1. Oct 8, 2009 #1
    Hello :).

    I came across this forum a while back when I was looking for help on a certain problem, and google directed me to a thread here. Well, was not until yesterday I believe that I decided to sign up. I think the homework help section is great, loads of informative threads are available, and the abundance of material is great in regards to being able to review material taken in the past.

    Also, I looked through many threads and couldn't decide whether this fit better here or in the Career section. So forgive me and move if need be.

    Now, here is my situation.

    Fall of 07 I started college and decided to major in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Unfortunately the school I went to did not have an ME degree, but only an MET degree. I will also admit that I only got accepted into a local college due to being a slack in high school and having nothing to support me upon getting into a better school. I also, did not know there was an MET and ME difference.

    Anyways, I started off in MET and decided to pick up on a math minor because I always loved math. About a semester later, I picked up on a physics minor which was recommended by a physics professor. He explained a few of the upper level physics classes, and I couldn't pass it up. Not long after that my math minor escalated to a math major. At this point, I completed my physics minor, but am still taking physics classes. Unfortunately my school does not offer a physics major, but technically after this year I will be 12 credits shy of a physics major.

    There are too many things that interest me. Physics is amazing, and sometimes I get heart rushes when I think of things. Special Theory of Relativity dazzles my mind. Quantum Mechanics dazzles my mind. Classical Mechanics dazzles my mind. Astronomy dazzles my mind. But I know there will come a period where I have to settle on one topic. And this is where some of my questions come in.

    I have talked to my adviser, and he told me that even though I am getting a BS in MET, after I can get a MS in ME. My first question is, has anyone ever made this transition? What was the experience like? Did you find yourself weaker than other graduates that have a BS in ME?

    Even though I plan to pursue schooling and receive a MS and Phd in ME, I would love to get a degree in physics as well. So is it possible to receive a physics degree for say, after you graduate, just by taking courses that you need rather than retaking the one that you already have taken? Reason I ask is because, as previously mentioned, I will be very close to having Degree in physics, only my institute does not provide it.

    Also, is it logical to have more than one masters? I have high hopes and want to learn a lot, but I do not know what is "legally" possible.

    This may be a silly and very general question to ask, but is there a source that can provide me with information regarding good places to go to grad school that would in some way allow me to entangle most of my interest into one application so to say?

    Sorry for the huge post, but I am anxious to know more and will provide more questions as they arise. Also, if there is something that I am to unorganized about, do tell, as I am still in my learning process.

    Thank you! :)
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