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Deck trap door

  1. Aug 10, 2016 #1
    I have built some decking for my grandmother, so it is easier for her to enjoy the garden. There is a bin area that has had to be on a different level, so I have put in a trap door. The thing is that she will not be able to open or close it as it too heavy. Is there any solution to this dilemma, I have thought of rams, but there is not enough distance from the underside of the door to the original path, (some 4" or 100 mm only) Has anyone got a solution on how to open and close the door with the minimum of effort, she is 71 years old and built like a matchstick!

    Thanks in advance
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    A picture might be helpful so we can see how the system is setup.

    However, I can give you some general answers. If you wish to move an object with a minimum amount of force, you could use leverage through torque. By this I mean something like a long pole which is attached to the door and a fulcrum. If the pole is long enough the force to apply by your grandmother should be really small. Another option would be a system of pulleys which would also require a very small amount of force.

    If these still do not help I would suggest a motorized solution; one where she doesn't need to do more than push a button. Anyway I hope that helps, good luck.
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    It would help if you could give a sketch of the layout. I am confused by the apparent contradiction between a "Bin" beneath the floor and " only a 4" clearance to the ground below".
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